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Singer Electronic Control
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Single Point Insertion - Metering Valve
The Singer Model 106-SPI-MV is a Single Point Insertion Electromagnetic Flow...View Details
Dual Solenoid Control (2SC-PCO)
Features - Precise control from remote locations- Process controller...View Details
Electronic Flow Control and Metering (2SC-MV)
Features - Combines precise flow control with relatively accurate flow metering...View Details
Multi Channel Process Controller (MCP-TP)
Features - Versatility in programming for custom applications- Flexibility of s...View Details
420DC Automated Pilot
Features:- Temporarily submersible IP67 enclosure- Quick troubleshooting-...View Details
Pump Control Panel
Features - Automatically interfaces pump d control valve to avoid starting...View Details
Solenoid Control (SC)
Fe tures: - Positive, drip-tight shut-off- Simple, on-off oper tion- Globe or...View Details
Surge Anticipating Panel (SAP)
Features - Automatically interfaces pressure switch and control valve to...View Details
Single Process Controller (EPC)
Features - Simplified loop process controller with advanced P.I.D....View Details