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Singer Level Control
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Modulating Float Level Control (F-Type 4)
Features - Maintains relatively constant l- Automatic compensation for...View Details
Non-Modulating Float Valve (F-Type 5)
Features - No overflow, drip-tight close - Adjustable draw down- Easily...View Details
One-way Flow Altitude Control (A-Type 2)
Features - No overflows - high level shut-off maintained to close tolerances-...View Details
One-Way Flow Altitude Control - Differential (A-Type 4)
Features - No overflows- Adjustable draw-down level (differential) set-point-...View Details
Two-Way Flow Altitude Control (A-Type 1)
Features - No overflows- Superior repeatability- Positive shut-off- Easily...View Details
Two-Way Flow Altitude Control - Differential (A-Type 3)
Features - No overflows- Superior repeatabi ty while operating within close...View Details