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Singer - Pressure Reducing
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Pressure Reducing (PR)
Features:Pressure Reducing Valve- Ideal for maintaining accurate downstream...View Details
Pressure Flow Control (PFC)
Features:- Reduces pressure when demand is wer resulting in reduced leakage...View Details
Pressure Reducing with Low Flow Bypass (PR-48)
Features:Pressure Reducing Valve with Low Flow By-Pass- Maintains stable flow...View Details
Pressure Reducing with Check Valve (PR-C)
Features:Pressure Reducing and Check Valve- Excellent low flow stability-...View Details
Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve (PR-R)
Features:Pressure Reducing and Pressure Su ining Valve- Excellent low flow...View Details
Pressure Reducing Valve with downstream Surge Control (PR-S)
Features:Pressure Reducing Valve with Downstream Surge Protection- Excellent low...View Details
Pressure Reducing with Solenoid Shut-off (PR-SC)
Features:Pressure Reducing Valve with Solenoid Shut-Off - Excellent low flow...View Details
Pressure Reducing with Independent Back-up (PR-SM)
Features:Pressure Reducing Control Valve with Integral Back-up- Ideal for...View Details