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Singer Valve
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420DC Automated Pilot
Features:- Temporarily submersible IP67 enclosure- Quick troubleshooting-...View Details
Booster Pump Control (BPC)
Features - Substantially reduces pump starting and stopping surges- Separate op...View Details
Booster Pump Control - Double Chamber (BPC)
Features - Suitable for most pumping applications including suction lift and...View Details
Deep Well Pump Control (DW)
Features - Prevents p starting and stopping surges- No energy loss while...View Details
Dual Solenoid Control (2SC-PCO)
Features - Precise control from remote locations- Process controller...View Details
Electronic Flow Control and Metering (2SC-MV)
Features - Combines precise flow control with relatively accurate flow metering...View Details
Excess Flow - Burst Control
Features - Tight shut-off when flow exceeds a p determined amount- Manual...View Details
Hydraulic Check Valve
Features - Drip-tight seat - Independently adjustable opening and closing...View Details
Modulating Float Level Control (F-Type 4)
Features - Maintains relatively constant l- Automatic compensation for...View Details
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