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STF Filters
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STF Disc Filter
STF Disc Filters Disc filters supplied by STF Filters, both manuals or...View Details
STF FMA1000 Metallic Self Cleaning Filter
FMA 1000 - Hydraul cF lters spec ally des gned for low water flows and used at...View Details
STF FMA2000 Metallic Self Cleaning Filter
STF FMA2000 Metallic Self CleaningModel: FMA 2000 - ElectricSelf cleaning...View Details
STF FMA3000 Metallic Self Cleaning Filter
STF FMA3000 Metallic Self CleaningFMA 3000 - HydraulicFilters specially designed...View Details
STF Sand Filter
STF Sand F lters F lters use sand for a depth f ltrat on . The f ltered water...View Details
STF FMA-5000 Self Cleaning Filter
STF filters Series 5000 are electric drive automatic screen filters. They are...View Details
STF FMA-6000 Self Cleaning Filter
The FMA 6000 series line filters are electrically operated automatic online...View Details
STF FMA-7000uv Self Cleaning Filter
The FMA 7000 STF filter is a mesh filter with electrically operated automatic...View Details
STF FMA-9000 Self Cleaning Filter
The STF FMA 9000 Series automatic filter for electric drive, specially designed...View Details
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