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Specialist Suppliers of Industrial Controls

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AFC Series Tubular Backwashing Filters
Features:- Solids removal from 1 to 1,700 microns - Single system flow rates up...View Details
AFR Series Tubular Backwashing Filters
Features:- High Performance and High Volume- Increased capacity and space...View Details
ClearAmine Filter
Features:Reduce Operating ExpensesDisposable media equipment may be initially le...View Details
DCF Mechanically Cleaned Filters DCF-400, DCF-800, DCF-1600
Features: - Automation Minimizes Disposable Waste and Labor Costs-...View Details
DCF-2000 Mechanically Cleaned Filter
Features:- Automation Minimizes Disposable Waste and Labor Costs- Reduces...View Details
F Series Filter
Features:- For liquid filtering applications that require unattended...View Details
MCF Magnetically actuated Self Cleaning Filter
Features:- Dramatically Reduces Product Loss- Permanent media retains valuable...View Details
ReactoGuard Filter
Features:- Diverter chamber with precision proximity switch efficiently...View Details
Eaton Filter Bags
The convenience and economy of liquid bag ion is now feasible for...View Details
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