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Specialist Suppliers of Industrial Controls



Metaval provides a wide range of filtration equipment for almost any application involving liquids and gas.
We cover micro filtration, strainers for coarse filtration, filter presses and pressure leaf filters for the recovery of solids or liquids.
Our products include bags, cartridges and self cleaning filters.

Eaton Filtration
Designed for efficiency in demanding markets, applications, and environments,...
STF Filters
STF-Filtros products assure an excellent reliability level due to its...



Komax products
Inline static mixers for liquids, gas and steam for injection heating.

PMI products
Motor driven mixers and agitators that are side or top mounted on vessels

Komax Systems
KOMAX SYSTEMS, INC. is a mixing and systems engineering company. Static Mixer...
PAX Water Technologies
PAX Water Technologies provides active, submersible tank mixers for potable...



Protego products
A well respected world class German manufacturer of Flame arresters
Manufactures a complete range of a flame arresters for in-line and end-of-line, Tank protection valves for pressure and vacuum, Nitrogen blanketing valves, Tank equipment, Floating suction units, gauge hatches and sampling valves.

PROTEGO flame arresters are highly developed safety devices that are used in...