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Specialist Suppliers of Industrial Controls

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Scepter Tank Heater
Scepter Tank HeaterThis versatile series of steam heaters is designed for the...View Details
Starch Cooker
Starch Cooking3 A SANITARY STEAM HEATER Smaller diameter sanitary versions of...View Details
Steam Heater - Inline
Inline Steam HeaterHigh heating efficiency - close to 100% - low capital cost, p...View Details
Static Mixer - Sanitary
Sanitary Static MixerMixing a wide variety of foods including:- Tomato Paste-...View Details
Static Channel Mixer
Motionless Mixer - Channel (Square)Komax large-scale static mixers are designed...View Details
Static Mixer - CPS
CPS Static Mixer Simple, rugged, economical mixing elements.Adaptable to all...View Details
Static Mixer - Lined
Teflon & nar Lined Static Mixers Komax corrosion resistant Teflon &...View Details
Static Mixer - Ozone
Ozone Mixer2200% Improved Ozone Contacting Integrated Ozone Injector...View Details
Ultra Static Mixer
Ultra Mixer TechnologyUltra mixer technology covers the initial distribution...View Details
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