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Specialist Suppliers of Industrial Controls

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KAX Rotary Paddle Switch
Monitor's KAX line of rotary paddle bin level indicators consist of the most...View Details
Safepoint Rotary Paddle Switch
Imagine a bin level switch that is more than just an indicator of the presence o...View Details
Capacitance Probe MK-2 / MK-2e
TrueCap® RF capacitance sensors offer cost-effective point level monitoring...View Details
Tilt Switch
Monitor’s line of tilt bin level switches are economical, trouble-free...View Details
Diaphragm Switch
Monitor’s line of BINATROL diaphragm bin monitors consists of economical,...View Details
Flexar Guided Wave Radar
The Flexar continuous level measurement system is a smart guided wave radar...View Details
SiloPatrol Plumbob Level Measurement
The Silo Patrol SE Inventory Management System is an industry-leading...View Details
VibraRod Vibratory Probe
The V braRod™ v brat ng rod sensor prov des rel able po nt level sens ng...View Details
PZP Vibratory Probe
The PZP vibratory level sensor provides reliable point level detection in a wide...View Details
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