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Specialist Suppliers of Industrial Controls

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PAX Water Tank Mixer
The PAX Water Mixer is an active, submersible mixing system for the...View Details
Static Mixer
Triple Action Static Mixer The Komax Triple Action Mixer provides the highest le...View Details
Static Mixer - Sanitary
Sanitary Static MixerMixing a wide variety of foods including:- Tomato Paste-...View Details
Static Mixer - Wafer
Static Wafer Mixer Wafer MixerWhen there is no room to install standard static m...View Details
Static Mixer - Lined
Teflon & nar Lined Static Mixers Komax corrosion resistant Teflon &...View Details
Static Mixer - Ozone
Ozone Mixer2200% Improved Ozone Contacting Integrated Ozone Injector...View Details
Sludge Mixer
Sludge Mixer (Non-Plugging / Non-Fouling Very low pressure drop)The KOMAX...View Details
Custody Transfer Static Mixer
Custody Transfer MixerKomax Custody Transfer Mixer or CT mixer are installed...View Details
Static Mixer - CPS
CPS Static Mixer Simple, rugged, economical mixing elements.Adaptable to all...View Details
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