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Specialist Suppliers of Industrial Controls

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2Way Ball Valve
PBM 2 Way Ball Valve PBM's Series 5 Two-Way Industrial valves are designed for g...View Details
Diverter Port Ball Valves
PBM Diverter Port Ball Valve The PBM Diverter Port valve is a...View Details
Marine and Sea Water Ball Valves
PBM Marine & Seawater Ball Valves PBM manufactures...View Details
Multi Port Ball Valves
PBM Multiport Ball Valves MP/MI Series 4• True-Bore® o...View Details
Sanitary Ball Valves
PBM Sanitary Ball Valves Two-Way Sanitary valves are designed...View Details
3Way Pigging Valves
PBM 3-Way Pigging Valve Dedicated lines for multiple products c...View Details
Flush Tank Ball Valves
PBM Flush Tank Ball Valves trial ValvesPBM's Two-Way...View Details
Angle Stem Flush Tank Ball Valve
FI-Series9(1/2”through6”): Flush tank bottom ball valve:...View Details
Sampling Valves
PBM Sampling Valves PBM’s Sanitary Sampling Valve product...View Details
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