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Steinhardt Hydroslide

Steinhardt Hydroslide

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Steinhardt Hydroslide Mechanical float controlled discharge valve

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Steinhardt Hydroslide

The challenge

For discharging stormwater, combined water and sewage – in line with modern principles of water management – throttling units with a perpendicular discharge curve are applied which have constant discharge limitations regardless of impounding heights in tanks, backwater channels, surplusing works, sewage treatment plants and settlers.

The way

With the help of a float (turning to the right, left or front), different water heights are transmitted to a perpendicular throttling valve by a mechanical control. This valve shows the optimum discharge section. Thus, a constant discharge of ± 5% is guaranteed. All HydroSlide discharge regulators are delivered without a flush. However, a flush for cleaning channels and sewers is useful for small discharges. Here, the HydroSlide discharge regulator can be adjusted to any value required. The regulators of the line DN 200 and smaller have a double valve. For discharge <60 l/s, rope pullyes are standard, in order to remove blockages manually. For discharge <25 l/s, the automatic system is recommended. HydroSlide discharge regulators open the whole cross-section even beyond a possible presetting. Each regulator has a profile help. If the tractive stress in the inlet area is not sufficient, a stainless steel flume can be very helpful.

STANDARD – construction VS

Ideal due to its compactness (installation opening Ø 62,5 cm).
Regulates without a flush. The perpendicular valve is vaulted to the top and the opening has a v-shape-i.e. large residual openings with minimum blockage probability.

STANDARD – construction Mini

The construction „Mini“ is designed for small impounding heights and
small constructions. Due to its compact design, construction expenses are reduced especially with high discharges.

AUTOMATIK – construction Giehlmatic

The „intelligent“ system regulates without any flush, moves the valve vertically, opens automatically when blocked and additionally, it is possible to flush the channel via manual pulley. Even with small discharges with initial setting of the valve, the whole regulator opening is opened, if necessary. The maintenance-free mechanism is arranged above the sewage water level.

The Advantages

simple, rugged stainless steel construction with bearings made of brass/PE

high reliability in operation

simple and quick installation

nearly maintenance-free

without external power

without sole jump

without flush

no restriction or deviation of the water current

adjustable to new discharges

maximum discharge crosssection at time of high pollution transport

perpendicular Q/h line

reliable functioning with backwater

remote control systems can be retrofitted

option: vario functioning, thus infinitely variable adjustment on site

option: inlet flume made of stainless steel

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